Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Funding and supporting our work

All the activities and services referred to above have continued to function due to the continued financial support from trusts, fund-raising and income from fees.

A staff team is employed comprising the Centre co-ordinator, deputy co-ordinator and 8 part-time workers: market organiser, two over 60’s workers, cleaner, three playworkers and an under 5’s group organiser.

The building is used to capacity for the Centre’s own groups, which prevents any increase in numbers attending (waiting lists are maintained). Some services have however expanded in terms of opening hours when possible.

Temporary workers are employed during school holidays for the playschemes when needed.
Several volunteers provide invaluable assistance within the core activity groups. The Centre co-ordinator is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Centre and it’s employees. The co-ordinator reports to the management committee at its meetings. The committee makes decisions on any organisational changes and has to authorise all financial transactions.

The Centre continually assesses activities and services through specific assessment processes and detailed consultation exercises with all groups directly run by the Centre. Regular consultation meetings are held for the majority of services and user satisfaction surveys and questionnaires are undertaken on a regular basis, results are made available to all the users and meetings organised to assess the findings. A full user survey is carried out every year.

The Centre works in cooperation with many organisations including: Camden Playservice, Social Services, local voluntary groups, local schools, Royal Free Hospital, day centres, sheltered accommodation, Age Concern, PLA, Camden Arts Centre, libraries and doctors.

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