Tuesday, 10 June 2008

An amazing range of services and activities

The Centre aims in accordance with the organisations objectives to make the following overall and specific differences to the lives of residents living in Camden:

  • Reduce isolation and promote stimulating activity for older people
  • Improve peoples access to safe, stimulating care for children aged 5-12
  • Improve peoples access to advice, information, support, counselling and advocacy
  • Improve peoples access to meeting space for voluntary and community groups
  • Promote and support healthy living for the elderly and other groups, including the provision of an outdoor produce market for the locality
  • Increase creative play opportunities for children under 5 and support to their parents/carers

These differences have been achieved by the provision of activities and services that include:

  • Over 60's club and events
  • Christmas Day Lunch event (inc. transport) for older people on their own
  • Under 5’s: - 3 morning session parent/carer with toddler groups, all extended to 9.30-12.30 in January 2007 due to demand
  • After School Club Playcentre (5-12's) - Term-Time Monday - Friday
  • Summer Playscheme (5-12's): 4 weeks (August)
  • Easter Playscheme (5-12’s): 2 weeks
  • Half-term Playschemes (5-12’s): May, October and February
  • 2 Under 5’s music sessions
  • Community Counselling Sessions
  • Camden Councillor Advice Surgery
  • Community support groups, local leisure groups, language classes, art classes, and special events such as recycling events, crime prevention displays/stalls, public meetings and community consultation meetings.

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